Healthy mattress for back bone

  • Take the natural direction of the body
  • Decrease Lower back pain
  • Back bone pain Prevention



  • Height: 25 cm – 31 cm
  • Chassis: zipper buckets – separate zipper, bodyguard, medical Vaseline and buffer separator for each zipper.
  • Sponge:

– Compressed density 75 kg / m3

– Polyurethane density 25 kg / m3

  • Internal aspects: high quality and density sponge in side and front
  • Fabric mattress: Double padded Jacquard 250 gms fiber + sponge Super soft 1.5 cm layer of imported Vaseline with double-sided cloth
  • Ventilation vents: 4 for entering and exiting the air to extend mattress life
  • Hands : 4 for easy shifting of the mattress

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