Who we are ?

Soft a mattresses company. We offer the best mattresses in Egypt and Arab Markets.

German quality with Egyptian industry. We are the factory that guarantees you the best quality and favorable price.


Our vision:

To be the leading company in the field of manufacturing and selling mattresses with the quality of competing with the global market and even surpasses it.


Our Mission:

We aim to deliver best products in Mattresses and beddings that carries all the specifications required by the market Egyptian, Arab and even the international markets without having to resort to importation.


Our manners:

Soft is not like other companies that seeking for only profit, but also we are seeking to offer a product that carries value and reaches a state of satisfaction from our valued customers.



Quality is to meet the consumer requirements of the product provided by the company to him, and can be measured by knowing the satisfaction of clients about the services and products provided, so the first goal to us to bring our product to your satisfaction.



The attention to the exact details of the product is what distinguishes the experts from others. We offer products with long years of experience.
You will touch this experience in every part of it. We do not produce only for sale, but we produce because we adore perfection.



We adore innovation so we are distinguished in offering several products that meet all the requirements our client seeking for. Our main goal is to understand and not only meet our customers’ basic needs but also beyond their expectations.



We do not offer one product as some think, but we offer several products in many sizes and specifications to serve all segments and meet all different needs.


Our exhibitions

Cairo International Exhibition 

Alexandria Exhibition